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Posted by on Jul 14, 2012 in Hero Blog, Note from Afghanistan, Note from Airman | 16 comments

Family is amazed at how I keep up with mail

What a great note sent to Caro – check out the popularity list! As we regularly encourage, general sentiments work best. He lists congratulations – a reminder that a birthday card with a congratulations sentiment is a lot more flexible than one with a birthday sentiment. Unless it has balloons and cake, that is 🙂  -Sandy

I’ve already used similar cards and my family is amazed at how I keep up with mail. It’s mostly the cards that make it easy and it give our families reassurance that we’re doing well.

Thanks to you, Kris, and Sandy for leading up this operation and having such a positive impact on not only us troops, but more importantly our families. The cards have allowed me to tell my wife that she had it harder than me. Folks don’t realize that is true, my wife is at home taking care of the kids, the house, a full-time job, and still has to worrying about me, so your cards are my way of thanking her, reminding her of our love, letting her know about my week, and providing encouragement to her as often as I can write. So THANK YOU!

Cards that go over great:
#1 – Patriotic w/ nothing on the inside for multi-purpose
#2 – Love themed ones for Wife, girlfriend, fiancée
#3 – Ones to tell the kids hello, love, and for encouragement
#4 – General Congrats / Congrats for kids (i.e. kid themed)
#5 – Thank you, but the Patriotic ones work best for that anyway

I’ve noticed that our new base is seriously lacking in card/writing stock for our deployed men and women (i.e. none, the Chaplin didn’t even know what about the program), so your support will help allow thousands of troops get caught up on their writing. Please don’t send too big of boxes and if possible smaller boxes allow us to use the box as the grab box for the cards. If there are baggies in there, then some folks will go through and collect a few for immediate use and later (it’s really dusty/dirty here).

Thank you!!

J.S., Maj, USAF


  1. That is great information …straight from the source.

  2. Hooah! I’m so happy he sent that information. I always worry about what sentiment to use and so lately I have not been using one. This is my first holiday season making cards for OWH. Do We needs lots of Halloween cards?

    • Halloween is the season we get way TOO many holiday cards. It’s not a big letterwriting occasion -and they need those mostly to send to their kids, so cute and funny rather than scary at all. We ask that our ‘regulars’ help by making cards with those supplies but keep the cards general – pumpkins with thinking of you, snowmen with love and birthday, that kind of thing :0)

  3. I am so happy to see this, as these are my style of cards too! Oh, and don’t worry, I don’t really like Halloween, and definitely do not consider it a Holiday!! It’s simply one of those days that I feel has become too commercialized!

    While it can be fun for the little ones to dress up and trick or treat, oh a fun party theme, that’s about it. The dark and creepy side is not for me and I would never send that type of card to OWH. Fall and Pumpkins — Yes…but ghost and monsters…no way!!

    What a nice letter, thanks for sharing it!

  4. The last time I mailed a box to OWH, I used the OWH stamp all over on the outside of the box. When I got to the post office a gentleman held the door open for me and noticed the OWH logo. He told me that he is home now but had been the recipient of of OWH cards while overseas, thanked me for my work, and told me how much the cards are appreciated. I thanked him for his service. It was such a wonderful and rewarding feeling. I never dreamed I would meet a hero that had received our cards. He also asked me to thank ALL of you.

    • What a great idea. I think I’ll stamp OWH all over my next box too. Get more info out there about OWH that way.

  5. Love to hear that our cards are so well received! TerrifIc to be able to help in some way! Just joined a group that meets monthly to make cards amd OWH will be receiving LOTS of them from us!

  6. Love it!! Great info!!

  7. Makes me want to make a card right now. 🙂

  8. I’m crying tears of joy! Love knowing what we do helps keep the love alive while sweethearts are separated! What a great letter.

  9. This is so awsome. This is a one in a million chance meeting.

  10. What a thrill to hear from one of our hero’s…Great info…

  11. What a fantastic letter! If I have some space in the next box would it be helpful to add some spare baggies for the troops?

  12. What an awesome message! This Hero’s message is a real boost to my commitment to OWH. Thank you for sharing these wonderful messages with us.

  13. I had been using my patriotic cards for Any Hero letters. I’m glad he mentioned that they like them for writing home. His wish is my command!!


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