Deadlines & Themes

Deadlines are important to follow – as we need to get the cards out in time to be written on and mailed home in time for holidays. General cards can be sent anytime.

Contacts request a large (325+ cards) or medium box (150+), and each box has a selection of the coming holiday as well as all our standard themes – thinking of you, love, missing you, birthday, and thank you.

Holiday cards start to ship out 8-10 weeks before the date to allow plenty of time to get to remote locations and back home in time for the holiday itself. Your help is critical in getting the cards to our office well in advance of deadlines so we can reach the remote units early!

A note about needs for AnyHero mail:

At Christmastime, we get a LOT of season-specific mail, and that’s fine – but please, for other times of year, make hero mail GENERIC; meaning no “Happy Valentines Day, Hero” or “Happy Easter, Hero” type of mail. We have tons of sorting to do with the cards, and keeping track of which mail has to take precedence over other letters that came in earlier is a surprisingly monumental task. Mail that can be sent anytime is absolutely best. Thanks! 

2014 Deadlines

OWH_deadlines_2014Click to download and print your own OWH deadline calendar for 2014! Post

  • Dec 31 – Valentines and winter
  • March 7 – Easter
  • March 31 – Mother’s Day
  • April 30 – Father’s Day
  • Aug 31 – Halloween
  • Sept 30 – Thanksgiving & Fall
  • Oct 10 – bonus points for early delivery of your holiday cards – it makes a difference!
  • Oct 31 – last minute Christmas! No multiples!
  • Nov 30 – AnyHero Christmas
*You have no idea how much you’ll help your shipper by using this for your deadline!

Card themes

OWH sends cards for major holidays only, and in English only. That’s because many units are small enough that the likelihood of someone in need of a very specific ethnic or religious theme is small, and we want to send what they can use most. We always include general, blank, thinking of you cards, and heroes can use those for any occasions we do not include. (If we do get a request for Hispanic sentiments or Jewish holidays, we put out a request for those. Otherwise please keep to the lists provided.)
5 accepted themes:
  • Love *most requested
  • Missing you *most requested
  • Thank you
  • Birthday
  • Thinking of you, Hello, Blank (no sentiment)

Unaccepted themes:

  • Get Well
  • Sympathy
  • Wish you were here
  • Party invitations
  • Baby shower cards
  • Bridal announcements
  • Wedding cards
  • To mommy/daddy
  • Retirement, other rare themes
  • Blank AnyHero cards (write your own note in them, we don’t need blanks)


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