With the coming drawdown, OWH will be in need of fewer cards in the future – that includes upcoming holidays. PLEASE READ THIS PAGE before proceeding to make cards, organize events, etc – it’s really really really really important. Did I say really important? :)


The cards you sent

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I received your box of cards a couple of days ago—thank you so much.  The cards you sent will be provided to Headquarters United States Forces-Afghanistan and soldiers  here in Afghanistan.

The picture you sent of your golden retriever warmed my heart—I have one waiting for me to come home.  15 year olds is very old for a golden retriever, but Ciara looks like she’s doing just fine as a mascot.

Thank you again and all the best!

 I.T.D., Capt, USAF

Thank you for the boxes of cards

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I just wanted to say thank you for the boxes of cards I have received. I also wanted to let you know I will be leaving theater so there is no need to send anymore.

Thank you again for everything you and your organization does. It has been greatly appreciated.


M.J.D., 1LT, QM


Your cards have greatly helped me

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Thank you very much for the awesome cards. I received them yesterday. We really appreciate all of them. At this time, that will be enough. We are in the process of tearing everything down around the base.

We have been receiving several care packages for our soldiers and I was in desperate need of cards to write Thank You letters back for each of them. So your cards have greatly helped me and other soldiers.

Thanks again for all you guys do!!!



Thanks so much for caring

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I just received another box of those beautiful cards from you. Thanks so much for caring.

I’ve implemented a great system of sharing them with the Troopers here. Everyone appreciates them and loves sending their family hand-crafted cards. Thanks again. These cards really make a difference to those of us that are deployed here.




Sketch Challenge #237

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Good Morning Peeps!  Goodness gracious, I don’t know about your neck of the woods but mine has had lots of rainy days. Last night ‘ole Mother Nature sure was riled up! We had rain by the truck loads, constant thunder and lightening, what a ruckus. As my grandma would say, a good ‘ole gully washer! Today was beautiful with nice blue skies and no sign of rain.

I don’t know about you, but today is a good day to make a card using the new sketch! It’s a great sketch and an adorable sample card.



This ‘tweet’ inspiration comes from the creative Cindy. She had it on her facebook but is going to have something on her blog. Cindy’s blog is Cindy’s Card Co., and the link is Here.


237 sample

Before I get back to making cards I’m going on the porch to have some coffee, soak up some rays, and relax. Have a beautiful day!

OWHtv Week 156

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Whew! Has it been as crazy a week for everyone else as it has here? I’ve had hundreds more emails this week than usual….so many questions, so little time to answer! Yeesh! Perhaps it’s because I’m leaving next week and trying to get double the work done before I go….I’m excited to go see Mom, though! If you send cards in the next couple weeks, please be patient – I’ll be back in action by September 11th. Receipts will go out as soon as I can get to opening and processing all that mail. :) But rest assured, I’m getting a couple episodes of OWHtv to keep you going while I’m gone…leave lotsa love so I know you’ve been ’round! And now without further ado…this week’s videos!  

And the winners are:

  1. Lil Hoot: SOOZIE4HIM!
  2. Missing you: MELANIE SMITH!
  3. Surprise gift: JOANN POLLOCK!

Email your addresses to sandy at operation write home (dot) org and I’ll get ‘em in the mail to you!

And I guess “it’s a thing” is a thing. lol.

Featured Friday Card Maker, Andrea F., Gore, VA

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A couple of summers ago I was given the opportunity to spend a week in Washington, DC, hands down the very best vacation ever.  I wandered around the mall, paid tribute to the monuments, sat in the Jefferson Memorial wondering how in the world did these men know how to start a nation? I wandered through the museums, was mesmerized by the original Star Spangled Banner, smiled at Dorothy’s red slippers, was wowed by the First Ladies dress exhibit, thought the mummies, otherwise known as “real live dead people” were the coolest thing ever, and kept expecting the giant elephant/mastodon to come to life. Then I went to the U.S. Marine monument of the flag raising at Iwo.  There my friend pointed out the path of the hijacked plane as it  flew over the monument into the Pentagon.  The next day I visited the Pentagon memorial and quietly took it all in.  I read the 184 names which includes a woman from Gainesville, GA.  Explained why some “wings” pointed toward the Pentagon and why others pointed to the western sky to other tourists. The “wings” are granite benches with the names engraved on one end, when reading the names if you are facing the Pentagon, the person died there, if facing the sky, the person died on the plane. I didn’t get to see and do all that I wanted, there is just so much. I hope one day to go back.

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments left last week for our FFCM.  Andrea doesn’t have a blog, so please leave a little OWH love in the comment section below. Okay, hands down the sailboat card is the cutest card EVAH—it’s just the cat’s meow!! Finally realized the clouds must be a stamp, then die cut in order to get that perfect blue line.  I don’t have a cloud stamp, but I do have a die and will try for the same effect.  Okay confess—how many of you have ever jumped in a rain puddle? I know I have, yup just last week hoping no one saw me acting goofy as I walked through the Lowes parking a few weekends ago.  The memories the rain girl card evoke are just amazing and you can tell that’s going to be a great splash!  Also the soft water color background on a couple of the cards is just fantastic; Andrea you aced that class.  Okay so those are just a few quick random thoughts and details I noticed.  What about y’all?  Let Andrea know the details you picked up on, what got your fire going.   Andrea’s motivation will make you stop for a second and catch your breath.  Let’s sit back, get comfy and enjoy her story in her own words….

Oh, dear. Where is home? I started out in South Dakota, then moved to Minnesota to teach Spanish after I finished college. Then it was on to Colorado, Guam, North Dakota, Alabama, New Mexico, California and Georgia. I bet you have already guessed that I married a military man between Minnesota and Colorado. He was wandering around looking lost, so I took pity on him. Home, now that he has retired, is the boonies near Gore, Virginia, at the very top of the state.

 How long have you been stamping/card making?

It must have been over 20 years ago that I started stamping. My step-daughter and I are in a years-long argument over which one of us introduced the other to stamping, but since she’s not here to defend herself, I’m going to say that she started it. I began with Christmas cards and added birthday cards for my kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. I used to do quite a bit of quilting, but I really like the more instant gratification of card making. To be honest, I was kind of a middling quilter, but it taught me a lot about color.

Do you have a craft room or specific area where you stamp/craft?

Since I got the chance to design our current home, you can bet there is a craft room, known around here as my play room, or when I’m feeling snooty, my office. It has a big closet with shelves for my supplies, a large credenza-like cupboard about the height of a kitchen counter, that is great for stamping, and my sewing machine. I’m pretty sure there is a desk in in here somewhere, too, but right now it is so piled with colorful paper and scraps that it looks like a rainbow threw up on it.


What are your favorite stamp/craft products?

I like a wide variety of stamp styles, but I do love good quality clear stamps for easy placement. I’m a huge fan of dies and embossing folders. Gina K cardstock is a favorite, because of the quality of the paper and the vivid colors. I’ve also been enjoying the challenge of the monthly card kits from Simon Says Stamp. They take me out of my comfort zone, and I always end up with lots of cards for OWH.

Do you have a favorite  technique?

Right now I’m playing with watercolor a lot, and it is so much fun.  The online watercolor for cardmakers class I took in the spring really got me interested, and the unpredictability of the medium fascinates me. I’m never quite certain what I’ll get when I watercolor a background, but I sure enjoy finding out. I love to watercolor flowers and other images with large open spaces. Getting better at Copic coloring is next on my list, because my Copic work still looks a little pre-schoolish. Okay, a LOT pre-schoolish.


Have any particular OWH sketches or tutorials served as  inspiration for your cards?

When I’m stuck or not feeling creative, I watch a tutorial or check out the sketches for ideas. It almost always kicks my backside into gear even if I don’t copy anything exactly. I like the Copic tutorials, and find them really helpful.

Do you prefer digis or stamps?

I prefer stamps, mainly because when I have tried to download digis onto my MacBook, I end up saying certain words loud enough for the neighbors to hear. I won’t be specific about exactly what those words are. I’m usually pretty good at figuring things out on the computer, but not this time. I do use my computer for some of the sentiments for the cards. It’s nice to be able to size them to the card and to be able to use different fonts.


Do you have a  favorite theme?

Kid cards are right up there, as are masculine cards, but my short attention span leads me to skip around to different themes as well as styles and techniques. I want to try it all!  It’s hard for me to make multiples of the same card. Sometimes I pack a box and realize I’ve not done any of a certain theme, but it’s never the same one from one box to the next. I think my choice of theme must hinge on which sentiment happens to fit a card, both in style and size. I often have the idea for the card, lay it out loose, then decide whether or not there will be a sentiment, and what it will be, before I tape the parts together.


Are there colors you love to include on  your cards?

Bright colors and strong contrasts are what I’m naturally drawn to. I like the images to stand out and draw your eye to them. I do notice a lot of red accents on my cards, but I don’t really plan it that way. I’m learning to incorporate more patterned papers in my designs, which was a real challenge for me.


How did you hear about Operation Write  Home?

I was at a stamp show in York, Pennsylvania last fall and saw a flyer lying on a table at one of the vendors. I went home and found OWH online, read the guidelines, and started making cards.


What motivates you to make cards for our  heroes?

My husband was in the AIr Force for 25 years, including two tours in Viet Nam, my son-in-law is retired from a long career in the Navy, and my daughter works for the DOD and was working at the Pentagon on 9/11. As part of a military family, I am happy to have a chance to do something that might brighten the day for those who are deployed and for their loved ones back home. My family is very supportive of my efforts to make cards for OWH, and they swear I’m in a better frame of mind since I started doing it. Creating something really is more fun for me when it has a purpose.

We have enjoyed all of the beautiful handmade cards

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I wanted to take a minute to thank  you for your continued support.  We have enjoyed all of the beautiful handmade cards, and families have enjoyed receiving handwritten notes.  This is a great service that you provide.

As a unit we are drawing down and are not being replaced.  So the last box that you sent will be the last one that we need.

Again thank you for your support to our service members that are deployed.



In case ya missed it….

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I thought I’d sneak in and post a link to  yesterday’s giveaway video HERE!


The fundraiser stamps in the OWH store are doing great! Be sure to order yours asap; for the next 10 days I can fill orders, then I’ll be travelling a while so you wouldn’t get your stamps til mid-September.

click to shop!

I’ll be sure not to hoard them

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Thank you so much for the box of cards from Operation Write Home.  We received the box this Saturday when we pulled into [port].  The cards are already a big hit with the crew.  As word gets around about the box (I have it out in the library so Sailors can help themselves), I’m sure it will be an even bigger hit.  I’ll be sure not to hoard them!

Thank you so much for taking care of us.  I think our crew (as well as their friends and family) are really going to benefit from your work.

 By the way, judging from the picture, Ciara looks like mascot life is awesome!

Very respectfully,

Chaplain A.H., LTJG, USN