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Posted by on Aug 12, 2013 in Hero Blog, Hero Photos, Notes from Families | 4 comments

Beautiful cards

This is posted for those who don’t go to our Facebook wall very much….don’t want to miss this smiling face!

“I just received this card from my husband serving in Afghanistan. Thank you for thinking of our soldiers and providing these beautiful cards!!!” -K.T.




  1. Beautiful!! How nice to see a face of someone who received a beautiful card!

  2. Oh, how wonderful to see one of the many smiling faces of our Heroes back home. I’m a newbie making cards for our Heroes overseas, today I’m sending my first shipment of cards, 30 in total and just the thought that this cards will end up in the hands of our brave Heroes to communicate with their families back in the USA, makes me feel proud and happy to know someone will be smiling holding one of my cards.
    Thank you to our Heroes overseas and back Home.
    God Bless you all.
    Maria Rodriguez, from Crown Point, IN. USA

  3. Thanks for sharing that picture! I should have taken a pic of my boss with the card he received from his brother last year. He knew that I was making cards for OWH and brought it in asking if it was one that I made!

  4. And that face is worth the paper cuts, glued fingers and burnt dinner!

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