April report is ready!

Happy Monday! It’s Sandy here, and I’m gonna just admit it….

I’m a geek.

I don’t know if any of you are like that. Most creatives wouldn’t wanna touch a spreadsheet with a ten foot pole! But I love having good and accurate information! I love to watch trends, and see how we’re doing…I usually know without seeing the numbers if we’re meeting our heroes’ requests, but…numbers are fun! And they give me a clue whether I need to start pressing for an increase in card or financial donations, or if we’re trending ok and get to just cruise!

I pulled a comparison to see how we’re doing in the splitting of the nation at the Mississippi River; it looks like we’re *just* about right in choosing that as a national divider! The east coast did seem to be more prolific with both letter writing and cardmaking…but in April, the west coast rocked it and made up a lot of ground to bring the numbers so much closer together! (But this little chart does explain why I’m always runnin’ short of letters out west. *hint hint!* heehee!) THANK YOU for all your wonderful donations!


And just for fun, I let Excel run a little chart showing the trend day by day. Not a surprise to see the spikes – lots of our crafters wait til that deadline! Feel free to get your cards in to your shipper ahead of time, she’ll love you for it! :)


The rest of the numbers – April’s – are on the Reports page…and you may know by now what that means: it’s Cardmaker Connection time! Be SURE to look at the pdf to request a specific connection that Caro can look up, not just “someone near me.” If there’s no one on this month’s list near you, check it out next month and see…you may yet find a friend!

View April Report

PS Thanks for all the fun at the VCMP – you still have til Weds night to play along!


  1. Thanks for putting all the numbers together. I can relate to liking and playing with numbers and charts – I guess I could be a geek too — love all your charts — it is fun to see how things trend. I know I will work harder towards getting my cards well ahead of the deadlines. Thanks again for all you do!

  2. Margaret D.

    Thanks Sandy for the visual. I too am a geek. I create my own charts here at work for tracking information. It really helps and seeing your chart has helped me to see that I need to send my cards in sooner. Thanks Sandy again and keep up the good work. Frankly, I don’t know how you do it all. You are amazing:)

  3. Hahaha. Being a quality analyst, you are not alone. Fellow geekazoid here! Excel, I use it like most use their email – daily!

  4. ElsieJB

    You’re not alone in wanting good, accurate information. Just this past weekend I removed from my 12×12 paper pads one sheet of every design and cut them into 6×6 pieces. Then I figured out I’d cut 142 sheets into 568 6×6 sheets. Imagine how many cards I could have made instead of spending time on all that cutting and counting! What’s up with my needing to know such details???

  5. Kris Allan

    No wonder I’m so tired. That’s alot of cards for one month!

    • Kris Allan

      I mean four months – not one. too tired to type correctly!

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