Announcement: Mailroom changes

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Hello! It’s Sandy here with some news about OWH.

It is with sadness — and yet utter gratitude! — that we bid a fond farewell to our supercalifragilisticexpialidocious shipper, Kris! She’s been with us for five years, serving you the cardmakers…our heroes….and me, too! Kris has been a shining example of what selfless dedication is, and she has inspired me on many long nights of sorting and packing, when I wanted to give up. I knew she wasn’t slacking – and that gave me the ability to keep going, too! Thank you Kris!

Please watch the video announcement in today’s segment of OWHtv:

Please leave some love for Kris on this post, on YouTube, or on our Facebook page – let her know how grateful YOU are for all she has done for you and for our heroes!

I know some of you are going to have instant questions, so please read this before you ask:

  • No new shippers are needed at this time. I get many requests all year long from folks who want to be a shipper. However, at this stage of the organization, we’ll be instead consolidating shipping in one location. That may be more work in one location (supported by our team of volunteers), but it also means better stewardship of your financial and card donations. We’ll be more nimble and responsive as all our assets are in one place, and documenting our financial and reporting records will be streamlined. It would also be impossible to train up someone this quickly in the midst of the busy holiday season – so it makes the most sense to consolidate operations in Washington.
    NOTE: If we decide we ever need another shipper, we’ll announce it and allow an application process; requirements will be proven ongoing dedication to the cause and an understanding how to create and ship great cards, so get busy sending in perfectly packed boxes as your “resumé” in case that day ever arrives! :)
  • Yes, shipping may be more expensive for SMALL packages. We do understand that some folks may no longer be able to participate if their shipping increases, and we are full of ideas to help you: I recommend trying out flat rate shipping (as I do for all locations of course)! Those are FREE boxes and envelopes from the post office, and they travel any domestic distance for one rate. We get MANY tiny packages that cost everyone well more than they need to because they use their own packaging; if you can plan ahead and fill a  flat rate package before a holiday, that’ll save YOU money. As well, combining many small shipments into one large one saves OWH additional data entry as we log in so many packages.

The address is always on the Mailroom page; the needs list there will be updated as I see what’s coming in from the nation. In general, anything goes for a while til I get a sense of the flow. Remember to check the list of Undesired Themes HERE.

YOUR COMMENTS: Please leave them in comments on this blog post, on YouTube, or on our Facebook page.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL COMMENTS: I’d appreciate NOT emailing questions/comments about this to me, as I am in the midst of some big and exciting things for OWH, and would like to keep the inbox clear for those important emails. Know that I do read comments on all our social media and will address the major questions on Friday’s video; our board members and blog team are also going to help watch comments and answer any urgent needs as well. Thanks so much for understanding!


  1. Cora Jean

    Thank you Kris for your dedication to OWH. It was a pleasure to meet you on the cruise. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  2. Mary Frances A

    So sorry to hear that I won’t be sending my cards your way, Kris. Thank you for your hours and hours of dedication to OWH, truly a labor of love for our troops and their families!

  3. As a East Coast Supporter,
    I would like to thank you for all your assistances for a great cause.
    I wish you great success on your future journeys.

  4. Kris,
    Thank you for all of your work doing something that likely took over your life at times. I wish you happiness as you continue on your life journey. :)
    Melissa T.

  5. Kris,
    I appreciate so much everything you did for OWH and for Sandy. I know your husband and your family will be so happy to have your undivided attention. I often wondered how you managed to do everything and hold down a full time job. You are amazing to me. Hope you enjoy your next adventure.

  6. Kay Childs

    Kris, Thanks for all your hard work for OWH.

  7. Kris, your service has been invaluable! What a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication – 5 years – wow! Wishing you the very best with whatever comes next for you in life. Blessings, Sharon C. (one of your many, many East Coast cardmakers)

  8. Lynda Thomas

    Kris, Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to our heroes! You will be missed. Best wishes to you and your family.

  9. Many thanks, Kris, for your dedicated service to OWH card makers and to our heroes!

  10. Oh, sorry to see Kris go! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!

  11. Kris ~ Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  12. Thank you so much, Kris, for your years of service to OWH. I wish the best for you in the future.

  13. Sharon Roselli

    Kris, many thanks for all you have done for our troops through OWH! Good luck on your next project. Blessings to you and yours.

  14. Your selfless commitment to OWH has been appreciated by us all. I cannot imagine the number of hours you have spent, the cards you have handled, and people you have met. Best wishes on a happy “retirement”.

  15. Special Thanks to Kris for all her years of dedication and hard work. I do hope that you will enjoy some “free” time and also continue to be a member of this amazing group!! Sandy — You are truly a Hero and I am totally amazed at how you can handle so much!! Bless your heart !

  16. Stephanie Allison

    Kris, thank you for all that you have done. I enjoyed sending cards to you and was truly grateful that you provided reassurance when I needed it.Thank you for dedication to our troops and OWH. I know your family will be so tickled to have you for their own- and you might even get to sit down and prop your feet up some time! Again,thank you so much.

  17. Debbie Anderson

    Thank you Kris, for the time and hard work you have put into OWH.

  18. Barbara C

    Kris, thank you so much for all you’ve done for our Heroes. Your hard work has been appreciated!

  19. Thank you for all of your hard work, Kris!

  20. Christine

    Kris…. THANKS SO MUCH!!

  21. sf_crafter

    Thanks very much for all that you’ve done for OWH.
    Wishing you all the best.


  22. Kris, thanks so much for all you’ve done for OWH! I wish you lots of success in the future and just know that you are appreciated!

  23. Thanks to Kris for her years of service to OWH – I know that the card makers and Heroes have appreciated all your hard work and dedication. Good Luck on your next adventure!

  24. Thank you Kris for all of the many hours and dedication to OWh, our troops and the card makers! You will be missed and I wish you loads of good fortune and happiness in all you do! Thanks to your family as well….for sharing you with OWH for all these years!

  25. Thank you Miss Kris for your hard work and dedication to OWH. Talk about someone Paying it Forward…that is definitely you!!! Good luck on your new adventure. Hugs, Penny

  26. Kris, Thank you for your commitment to OWH and being a steady arm to the organization. I wish you well for the future and hope you will continue to be blessed by our freedom and volunteerism, just as you have led others.

  27. Thank you!

  28. Kris,

    Thank you just seems so inadequate for all that you’ve done for OWH! Wishing you all the best — and hoping you won’t be a complete stranger.

  29. Thanks, Kris, for your years of hard work for OWH! It takes an incredible amount of dedication to devote so many hours per week to the cause. I’ve shipped to Dixie, then Caro, and then Kris. I’m undergoing separation anxiety again! :-)

  30. Thank you, Kris, for your devotion and many, many hours of labor and service! You are truly appreciated and will be greatly missed. God bless you in the next stage of your journey.

  31. Thank you, Kris, for what must have been exhausting work at times. Wishing you lots of free time and fun!

  32. Donna Dacy

    Thank you Kris for your dedication. Wish I could have met you in person. You have been so much help to Sandy and all of us. You will be missed.

  33. kris, i don’t know how you did it all these years! you are an angel! i had so much fun meeting you on the cruise and wish you well in the future!

  34. Kris – I know it was not an easy volunteer position. I appreciate all you did for OWH. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  35. Thank you, Kris! You were very dedicated and I am sure the decision to leave was not made lightly or easily. Good luck and God bless!

  36. Kris, good luck in your future endeavors and thank you so much for your service!

  37. Kris, Thank you so much for all you have done over the last 5 years for OWH. That kind of dedication is so very rare. We have been abundantly blessed to have you…and wish you the very best with whatever life has to offer you going forward!

  38. Kris – Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work on behalf of OWH! I can only imagine the countless hours involved in this level of volunteer commitment! Your contribution has surely made a huge impact on the success of OWH.

  39. Kris–you are a hero yourself! I will say it like I do in my Any Hero mail
    thank you and your family for the sacrifices you have made for the past 5 years to help OWH grow and expand! Wishing you all the best with whatever you do to in the future!

  40. Kris, I sent you packages for a long time, then they went to Caro, then back to you, now I guess they’ll be winging to Sandy. I, too, want to thank you for your service, sacrifice and dedication to OWH and the Heroes we all serve. I imagine that your family will be overjoyed to be able to spend more time with you. I’m sure that you’ll find lots of ways to fill all that time you’ll have now, lol! Maybe sleeping? Going to the movies? Watching TV? Reading a good book? You’ll be missed!
    Thanks seems inadequate, but know that it’s heartfelt! Wishing the best, Ruthanne

  41. Kris,thank you so much for all your dedication,,,wish you the best…hugs

  42. Bonnie Coogan

    Thank you for all that you did for OWH. Wishing you lots of happiness in the future.

  43. Rose Marie Soper

    Kris! Thank You so much for all that you have done and best wishes to you in your future endeavors.

  44. Aundria B.

    Thank you so much for your amazing service to OWH, Kris & many blessings to whatever you put your hand to in the future.

  45. pat cragin

    Sorry to see you go Chris. Good luck as you move onto new adventures.

  46. Hi Kris ~ Thank you so much for your years of dedication and service to OWH! You will be missed, but I wish you much happiness and success in your future!

  47. Kris, you were my central point for sorting. You did an AMAZING job. Thank you for the time you took to educate us all on how to get things right… but more importantly, the time that you took to do such a wonderful job for those that protect our freedom!

  48. Ann Marie Robalik

    Kris, thank you for your years of dedication to our organization and to our troops! It cannot have been an easy job but you did an awesome job! Good luck in your “retirement”! 😀

  49. Anne HArmon

    Kris, thanks so much for all the time and effort (and Years) you spent helping get our cards to our service people. Hugs, Anne Harmon

  50. Kris, thank you hardly seems enough for all you’ve done for our heroes, OWH and all us cardmakers. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, patience, answers to all my questions and for all the encouragement you’ve given me over the years. You will be greatly missed. May God bless you richly in this next chapter of your life.{{ Hugs}}

  51. Maureen M

    Hi Kris! You were the shipper I would send my donations to. You were always so sweet whenever I needed a question answered and always prompt in acknowledging receipt of my boxes. Thanks so much for your time and dedication. Good luck, health and happiness in your future!

  52. Kris, Thank you for all you did for this Easterner. Your hard work was greatly appreciated, and I hope that the future holds new adventures, happiness and fulfillment always.

  53. Gloria Pollack

    Thank you, Kris, for all of your hard work! I hope your future is filled with blessings!

  54. Debbie Wheeler

    Kris Thank You for all the long hours and years of hard work you have put into OWH. Wishing you all the best for the future!

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