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Pass on the video (url: http://youtu.be/Gls-0a86NB8) to your friends and family – inspire them to join us, whether it’s just by donating a few dollars, writing an AnyHero letter, or maybe helping you assemble some kits or help with your tucking and stamping!

Feel free to send this video to your local news stations – who knows, they might be interested in covering OWH and getting the word out! Tell them in a cover email what your own involvement is – why you do it, how it makes you feel to help our heroes, and give it a personal touch. They’re very interested in you as a community member – and your passion!

Remember, though, if you do any interviews that go out to the general public: many have NO idea how to make a card. So for a general audience we love to request AnyHero mail, since that’s something EVERYone can participate in! 

Let’s start the party!

Would YOU like to make a 30 second video too? We’d like to compile YOUR thoughts on the 2 million cards and make another video. Just record yourself for 30 seconds on a simple cellphone video (hold it horizontally please!) – and email it to sandy(at)operationwritehome(dot)org by January 27th. I’ll stitch them together in a followup video and you’ll get to be part of the celebration!



  1. Madame Wong

    2 MILLION cards!!! Woohoo!

  2. Sandy, this video was beautiful. You were right. This was a tear jerker, but it was also one that made me proud to be a part of OWH. Loved the song. Thank you for sharing this.
    Enjoy CHA and your Copics coloring class. Safe travels! Also liked your vlog from yesterday.

  3. It’s difficult to type through the tears..BEAUTIFUL song! Congratulation on the 2 million!.
    May we NEVER forget how much is sacrificed for our freedom!

  4. When I saw the blog post title I had a feeling! Awesome achievement! I loved the video! So many wonderful elements, including the fabulous music with all the great photos, the lovely words spoken by so many! I’m on to make the next million (or at least a few dozen!) Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped this goal become reality!

  5. Congratulations to Sandy and everyone else who makes Operation Write Home such a success…here’s to the next million!

    Karen (from Club Scrap, Inc.)

  6. WTG everyone!! I am so blessed to be a part of this OWH family! Now on to box up the start of the next million!

  7. Sherry Hickey

    Congratulations Sandy and fellow OWH volunteers! This is another huge milestone! I’m proud to be an OWH’er, where every single beautiful card counts! Hooray!!

  8. I loved the video…thanks for putting it together. I cried when I saw the family with our cards on their wall! How happy it is to see that what we do means so much to others. We don’t get paid for what we do but this video is an emotional payday for us! Anytime my mojo needs a kick I’ll watch this video again!

  9. YAY! what an amazing accomplishment for a group of volunteer crafters. I’m honored and proud to be part of this effort.
    To our troops and your loved ones – thank you for your service… it’s why we put our best into every card.

  10. Trish Reddick

    Thank you Sandy for this beautiful reminder of why we have made 2 million cards and will continue with MORE!

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