The glow on people’s faces

Thanks for sending us the cards. My section runs the unit mailroom and we set the box outside our door with a sign "free cards to mail home." The troops here loved them and they are all gone! It's extremely exciting to see the glow on people's faces as they went through the cards picking them … Continue reading

Beyond words

Thank you again for the cards. I have been able to share them with another unit here and they have been a BIG HIT with the other unit too. The generosity and devotion of everyone involved is appreciated. Beyond anything my words can express! God bless you, your family, and loved ones. -E.T., … Continue reading

Cards with character

I wanted to thank you for the amazing cards that you sent us. I think I have sent out at least 10 cards to different family members and friends. I really appreciate the effort. The cards are beautiful and so neat. It was nice to have some cards with character! Thanks again, SrA K.R., … Continue reading